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Just as internet protocols like TCP/ IP and HTTP enabled the sharing of information in an open way, the blockchain-based tokenized economy will enable the digitization, storage, and trusted exchange of value. BlockSpace Technologies Inc. is helping to build the much needed infrastructure across Afrrica.

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Bitcoin Lightning Node

We can help you to set up and run your own decentralized bank. Start running your own Bitcoin Lightning Network node. Your node, your private keys, your own bank. Be soveriegn! Customize and build your very own Solar Powered Raspberry Pi4 running RaspiBlitz. Be your own bank with the ability to accept cryptocurrency at your business with our payment processor, .

3D Design & Printing

From Idea to Product! When it comes to having an idea, the hardest part is bring that idea to life. BlockSpace Technologies makes that process as easy as possible by working with you the entire way! From Idea to Prototype, we can do it all.

PCB Electronic Board Printing

We Design, Print and assemble large, high-density Printed Circuit Boards faster than any third-party vendor and for less. Send us your Gerber files from any PCB Design tool and we will do the rest.

Lightning Network Fun Facts


Total number of our Lightning Network node connections.


Total number of Bitcoin capacity worldwide.


Total number of Lighning Network Payment channels already opened for business..

Skilled Team

This is the team behind BlockSpace Technologies Inc. Please feel free to reach out to any of us directly.

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Chimezie Chuta

Snr. Blockchain Architect

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Layllen Sawyerr

Head of Compliance

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Christian Roesch

Head, International Business Development

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Join our Team

We are currently looking for technical talents. If you are a highly motivated individual wanting to work on the latest and most exciting Bitcoin tech, we would love to hear from you! Please send your application to .

Full Stack Mobile Application Engineer

Contribute to the development of , an advanced Lightning payments processor and mobile Lightning wallet that will drive retail payments across Africa.

Lightning Network Plaform Engineer

Contribute to the development of Lightning Network applications and of our backend infrastructure.You will be interacting with senior devs working on LND.

Africa's most valuable asset is not its crude oil reserves. It's the 800 million fellow citizens, and their natural labour, harnessed equitably through DLT, which can collectively produce a most powerful economic force, raising the GDP of the continent 10x, without any external aid.

Shamin Khan - Drector, Lex Futurus INC, UK.

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Our team provides 24/7 service and support to ensure that your project is completed quickly and efficiently. +234-8183918096 or email:

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